We Are Here To Serve You

With so many cookie-cutter playhouses on the market, our highly-skilled team wants to provide you with something unique and straight from your imagination. We understand the importance of fostering your child’s creativity and letting their imagination run wild. It’s time to let kids be kids and give them a little piece of adventure that’s all their own.

With solid-wood dwellings and handcrafted quality you can trust, Charmed Playhouses are the perfect addition to your property and your family. Whether you’re looking to invest in a playhouse, treehouse, or doghouse for your canine companion, we want to make a beautifully customized design just for you.

Why Choose Charmed?

From castles to quaint lodges, our team is invested in creating quality luxury dwellings for the most imaginative children and their parents.

We believe that every child deserves a place to play and let their imagination run wild. From slaying dragons to hosting lavish tea parties, every child needs a space to have some fun.

We are committed to creating quality products that meet the highest standards. When it comes to your children, safety is our top priority.


Custom Playhouses

Our luxury playhouses are designed with your child’s imagination in mind. Give them a place to slay dragons and keep their adventurous spirit alive.


Simply Charmed Line

We’re creating a pre-fabricated line of unique playhouses. Our Simply Charmed playhouse offerings make for the perfect hideaway to enjoy the outdoors.


Custom Doghouses

We’ve kept your canine companions in mind with our customized doghouses. With beauty and functionality, Fido will feel right at home.


Forget the cookie-cutter designs...

Playhouse, treehouse, or doghouse, we will make your unique vision a reality!